Seiko STW 8-B

This is it…

This is the machine I am using now.  It is amazing, the power is immense.  Took me a few days of playing around on scrap material to realise that I had to limit the motor somehow as the biting point in the clutch is so severe.  It would go from 1 stitch per second to 20, in the tiniest of pedal movements.

Oh, and a big thanks to Em and Mark for helping me move this stupidly heavy machine at either end.  Another example of how amazing the polo community is, Em shrugged off a post-birthday hangover to help me carry a 40/50 kilo lump of iron down two flights of stairs and Mark raced over to help me bring it up a flight at my end on the promise of a home made falafel pitta.  Thank you.

I managed to make some adjustments underneath to restrict the clutch engagement and now I have it fully under control.

The stitching it produces is incredible, very strong and visually very different to my previous machine.  It has industrial quality that is enhanced by the thick 20m nylon thread.  My second prototype came out a lot cleaner.  Here is a picture of my much improved flag stitching –

This is a picture taken of the bag just before the binding tape was sewn on –

A lot has changed from the first prototype, the changes should make it cheaper, easier to use and more robust.

Also another big thanks to Scott of Archies GroBags, he has helped me out with suppliers, advice and material along the way.  He’s an extremely generous guy.


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