Prototype 3

Yesterday i experimented with a new pattern, new liner integration, new outer material and a new strap material.

Here is the bag I made.

The shape is much more recognisable as a satchel or a laptop bag. My courier bags have a square(ish) base as I find it the most versatile, if you are carrying a small load you can cinch it down with compression straps to a rectangular shape or at full size you can carry boxes to the post office.  The new shape is OK, not my thing but I’m sure commuters and the like will find it more manageable, and recognisable.

I have been trying to constantly simplify the processes I use in making a bag.  I don’t believe in over-enginerering and over-complication.  The first bag I made was an extremely technical courier bag, it was full size, floating liner, 4 strap, suspension strapping, the works.  Comparable with PAC or Zugster.  I enjoyed making it and I’m glad I did that with my first bag as I now know I can do that kind of work, but after using and making simpler bags, I feel most of the features are overkill for anybody not working from the bag.

The floating liner was the one feature from the original bag that I wanted to keep using as it pretty much guarantees full waterproofing.  The inside liner and the outside material are completely separate (as you can see in the picture above left), only linked by the binding tape around the mouth of the main compartment.  Yesterday I made a bag without a floating liner (above right), as I thought it would be much quicker to make and easier to construct.  But it just changed the method of construction, couldn’t see many other advantages so I might stick to the floating liner.  There is a definite advantage on smaller objects though, it is very hard combining a floating liner in a very small, tool or hip bag.

There are still some unresolved issues with the pattern and the strap placement.  Once I have decided on those I will be ready to push ahead with production.


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