New Patterns

I came across these army surplus pouches in the gallery where I’m interning…

(excuse the terrible pictures, I’m ‘shooting on’ a Nokia 6500s)

Very simple design, 3 piece instead of 1 piece, like all my previous stuff.  I’m going to try it out for my next project.  I don’t want to shy away from anything at the moment, I’ll try everything and then sort out what direction to go in after prototypes.

Here is a very quick attempt at a 3 piece bag, I like it.  It stands up, it holds it’s shape and for the intended purpose of this prototype I think it is more appropriate than a 1 piece pattern.  It looks like a funny shape but it will make sense when it’s finished.

But I think I’ll be sticking to 1 piece designs for my bigger sling bags.


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