Wet Wallet

Over the past month or so we have been working on a pouch that would keep its contents waterproof, but let you view and use the contents at the same time…

It started life as a solution for couriers working with an XDA.  Working at Creative Couriers in London, my jobs come in on an XDA where you view them and mark them as completed.  It’s helpful to have the XDA hanging from your strap as it means you can view it and ride your bike at the same time, you can check an address and drop the phone if a car pulls out or if you need to stop suddenly.

Previously I would be putting the thing in my mouth or trying to manoeuvre one handed, which always seemed a little unnecessary.  After using it for a while it seems less useful for a working courier, but ideal for iPhones, you can use all the featured of any touch screen through the clear PVC window material; you can text, change a song, view Google maps etc.  As a working courier you need to be able to get the XDA out very regularly for clients to sign for deliveries, and in order to make the pouch waterproof it has to be quite tight, making it pretty hard to get out with gloves/freezing hands/when in a rush.

So we are working on a better solution for couriers, but as it stands it is really good for iPhone users (wish I had an iPhone).

(excuse the terrible pictures)

There are options for attaching it on a vertical strap or a horizontal strap with the Velcro system on the rear and it is waterproof. We are really proud of this, it’s innovative and really useful.

It’s still in prototype stage really, it needs to be cleaner and more precise in places, but it’s nearly there.



2 responses to “Wet Wallet

  1. Yeah, its pretty good. Those new fatter straps are a lot more secure. I really liked it. Warning: Do not stupidly get water inside by opening it in the rain #userfailure

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