Monthly Archives: March 2010

Backpack Prototype II

A second version of our backpack, and one much closer (almost there!) to what will be our final design. We’re super happy with this one, it’s going to be an awesome bag and this one is going to Jon to test on the road. Hopefully he’ll feel the same!


19″h x 15″w x 10″d

-large front bellows pocket

– 2 flat pocket inside bellows, with pen slots

– 2 side pockets, one small enough for a mini d (with velcro to keep your lock in place), one almost the full height of the bag

– floating straps to keep the bag comfy for almost any shoulder width

– handle

– 2 compression straps on the base and 2 on each side

– fully padded back

This design should be ready shortly, so if you fancy one, or want more details, just get in touch.



Luis Davis XL Tech

Luis Davis of Mad Bros and Appologies Accepted fame took a pic of his bag being packed up, ready for the Sexy Polo Beer tournament in Barcelona this weekend.

Nice bag, and good luck.

(“not even full”)

East Festival

Great footage from Dapper Dan of the polo tournament at East Festival.

Three Beards playing well, motivated by their Belk sponsorship no doubt.

Some great pictures from Slamm, as always.