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A lot of people have been asking us about colours recently.  So we thought it would be helpful to get some info down on here for reference.  We have tried to link to a picture of every colour, but don’t have pictures of them all yet.  As we take more pictures this post will be updated.

Cordura (the bag can be made up from different colours: main exterior, base, front flat pockets, front bellows, front bellows lid):

Binding (one colour per bag):

Thread (one colour per bag):

PVC Liner:

If you don’t see the colour you want here email us at and we will see if we can source it from somewhere.



Push Cycles – soon to be a Belk stockist!

We are happy to announce that Belk bags will soon be stocked in North London’s newest bike shop, Push Cycles!

Click here to see map

Push have ordered four Simple Slings (one large, two medium and one small), one Technical Sling (large), one Simple Backpack (this is a brand new bag we have just finished prototyping, we don’t even have pictures of it yet) and four Touch Pouches.

We are over the moon for our first stockist to be such a great shop.  The bags should be in by the end of May, but rest assured there will be an update here when they are!


Good Luck London!

Early this morning (and late last night) most of the London bike polo community is heading up to Manchester to play in the UK Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (not just to win a title, but to win our bags as well).

Just want to wish you all the best of luck. Have fun!


New colours, new photos, new products

We love these colours, ultramarine, rust (and grey liner). They came together beautifully in this large Technical Sling we made  for Josh Cohen.

This is our Mallet Sheath, it comes with a single strap to be worn over a shoulder like a bag and with two webbing straps to be strapped onto an existing bag.  Colours are black and rust.  We are selling Mallet Sheaths at £25

Here it is strapped to a bag…

Here’s a little stack of Touch Pouches…

And, here are two of the three bags we have made for the UK Bike Polo Championships.  Each player of the winning team will receive a Medium Simple Sling, they can fight over which colour they have.


Email us!

Sexy Polo Beer Amigo

Sexy Polo Beer Amigo was a polo tournament in Barcalona that neither of us were able to attend.  I think I can safely say we are both pretty gutted we didn’t.  The event ran like clockwork and everyone returned amazed at how professional it was.

This is the best video coverage of a bike polo event I have ever seen.  More than one camera on the game, different perspectives, slow motion replays.  Incredible.  Congratulations Barca!