Simple Backpack

We have finished prototyping our Simple Backpack.

We’re really happy with it.  Pictured above is a Medium, it’s a great size for day to day usage.  All our sizes are the same across the range, so a Medium Sling is the same volume as a Medium Backpack (roughly 25 litres).  We make it as simple as possible for you.

One of these will be going into Push Cycles with their first order, which they will have in stock by the end of next week. Specs:

  • Main compartment is 12.5″w x 7″d x 16″h
  • front simple style 2.5″d bellows pocket with Velcro tab closure
  • two flat side pockets
  • padded straps with loops for accessories (phone holder, etc)
  • folding weather seal across the top to ensure ease of closure and to keep the elements out
  • sternum strap

Additional options

  • drop pocket inside the main compartment with two flat pockets and pen slots
  • light loop
  • lid straps
  • back padding
  • handle

We will have more pictures  and details of the specific features of this bag soon, so check back.


2 responses to “Simple Backpack

  1. I really like this simple backpack – it is something even I would use. It looks so elegant!

  2. Looks like a seriously good bag!

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