And they’re in…

Belk Bags are now in stock at Push Cycles!

They have:

  • 2 medium Simple Slings (Black/Grey/Black & Olive/Rust/Grey) £95
  • 2 small Simple Slings (Navy/Brown/Grey & Forest/Kelly/Tan/Grey) £80
  • 1 medium Simple Backpack (Burgundy/Grey/Grey) £115
  • 1 large Technical Sling (Navy/Cranberry/Grey) £145
  • 4 touch pouches in various colours £20

We put a drop pocket on the inside of the main compartment of all of the Simple bags, which has two small pockets (for phone, change, baccy, whathaveyou) and a few pen slots. These are an additional option on all of our bags, but we did these for Push for free, so all the bags cost the same from them as they would from us.

So now you can swing by Push to check out the bags in person, and they’ll be getting new bags as these ones go out their door. If you like what you see but they don’t have you’re preferred colours, size, or options, feel free to make an order through them, or as always, you can email us directly at



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