Simple Sling update…

We have updated the proportions of our Simple Sling.

It’s now a little bit taller, a little bit shallower and a little bit narrower.  We’ve tailored it to the typical usage of one of these bags.  It is designed for taking a laptop, some papers, a change of clothes and small items to work or around town.  We think the new shape works really well. There will be a more detailed post on the new Simple Sling design when we have time to take some decent pictures of it (soon!).

The features on the bag are broadly the same, the front pocket system is the same.  It’s still a simple, just a better simple.

Here are some pics of the new shape going through prototyping…

The new dimensions are…

Large – W 15.5″, D 9″, H 13″ = 30L
Medium – 14.5″, 8″, 12″ = 23L
Small – 13.5″, 7″, 11″ = 17L

Contact us at to make a custom order.

One of our original Simple Slings is on sale here.


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