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Belk in the wild…


While on an expedition to the lakes I encountered a wonderous sight, a Belk out of the habitat. This wild specimen struck a chord of majesty that moved me to the bone (and suited the mantle of my back exquisitly).


(a happy customer)

Jonny Biles’ XL Tech Sling

BELK X Chunk Backpack

So Chunk (you know, those guys who do the sweet polo shirts and hoodies) approached us a couple of weeks ago about doing a bag for their stand at the Berlin “Bread & Butter” trade show (July 7-9, 2010). We suggested a Simple Backpack, as it’s one of our favourite bags, and they liked the look of it, so we began discussing how to do it.

Last year Chunk sponsored the first European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships, for which they had a huge black and white banner made. That banner has been sitting around for the last year, and we have been wanting to use it for something for a while. Our idea for this Chunk bag was fairly simple, just to cut up the old banner and use it as the liner for this bag. In some places the blown up image falls apart when it’s taken out of context and turns into a mess of greyscale patterns, most of which is inside the bag, while a few of the details (like the Chunk logo) remain visually legible so we used that for the inside of the lid.

Here’s what the final bag looks like:

Mores pics on our flickr.