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New Colours

We’ve got two new cordura colours in stock; Purple and Grey. Check them both out in Alex’s XL Tech Sling. Also some coloured velcro; Grey, Red and Brown (also below).


BELK X Chunk Backpack

So Chunk (you know, those guys who do the sweet polo shirts and hoodies) approached us a couple of weeks ago about doing a bag for their stand at the Berlin “Bread & Butter” trade show (July 7-9, 2010). We suggested a Simple Backpack, as it’s one of our favourite bags, and they liked the look of it, so we began discussing how to do it.

Last year Chunk sponsored the first European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships, for which they had a huge black and white banner made. That banner has been sitting around for the last year, and we have been wanting to use it for something for a while. Our idea for this Chunk bag was fairly simple, just to cut up the old banner and use it as the liner for this bag. In some places the blown up image falls apart when it’s taken out of context and turns into a mess of greyscale patterns, most of which is inside the bag, while a few of the details (like the Chunk logo) remain visually legible so we used that for the inside of the lid.

Here’s what the final bag looks like:

Mores pics on our flickr.


New Simple Sling pictures

Here’s a few snaps of our updated Simple Sling bag. This one’s a medium (14.5″, 8″, 12″ = 23L) in navy cordura with brown binding and a grey liner.

We’ve altered the proportions, making it shallower and a bit taller to accommodate carrying a laptop, papers, books, and the like. This also allows for a bit more space for the front pockets, keeping the side ones the width for a d-lock while enlarging the centre pocket.

In addition, the end of the main strap is now looped through a square ring, ensuring that even when the strap is fully extended you still have space to grab the strap end to tighten it up, without fumbling for it.

Hope you like it as much as we do.

– H

Our Hip Pouch, just in time for summer…

We’re on the verge of finishing the prototyping of our Hip Pouch design, and we’re pretty happy with it.

It’s constructed out of our regular materials (1000d Cordura outer and a PVC liner) and does what hip pouches are supposed to do.  It’s big enough to carry around an A-Z, plus all your necessities, like a wallet, gloves, sunglasses,  spare tube, etc.  It’s other features are:

  • integrated mini-d holster at the back
  • front flat pocket with velcro tab closure
  • two side pen slots
  • removeable/adjustable 25mm waist strap (can take a 50mm strap if you prefer)

Some more pics…

And they’re in…

Belk Bags are now in stock at Push Cycles!

They have:

  • 2 medium Simple Slings (Black/Grey/Black & Olive/Rust/Grey) £95
  • 2 small Simple Slings (Navy/Brown/Grey & Forest/Kelly/Tan/Grey) £80
  • 1 medium Simple Backpack (Burgundy/Grey/Grey) £115
  • 1 large Technical Sling (Navy/Cranberry/Grey) £145
  • 4 touch pouches in various colours £20

We put a drop pocket on the inside of the main compartment of all of the Simple bags, which has two small pockets (for phone, change, baccy, whathaveyou) and a few pen slots. These are an additional option on all of our bags, but we did these for Push for free, so all the bags cost the same from them as they would from us.

So now you can swing by Push to check out the bags in person, and they’ll be getting new bags as these ones go out their door. If you like what you see but they don’t have you’re preferred colours, size, or options, feel free to make an order through them, or as always, you can email us directly at


Push Cycles – soon to be a Belk stockist!

We are happy to announce that Belk bags will soon be stocked in North London’s newest bike shop, Push Cycles!

Click here to see map

Push have ordered four Simple Slings (one large, two medium and one small), one Technical Sling (large), one Simple Backpack (this is a brand new bag we have just finished prototyping, we don’t even have pictures of it yet) and four Touch Pouches.

We are over the moon for our first stockist to be such a great shop.  The bags should be in by the end of May, but rest assured there will be an update here when they are!


Good Luck London!

Early this morning (and late last night) most of the London bike polo community is heading up to Manchester to play in the UK Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (not just to win a title, but to win our bags as well).

Just want to wish you all the best of luck. Have fun!