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New colours, new photos, new products

We love these colours, ultramarine, rust (and grey liner). They came together beautifully in this large Technical Sling we made  for Josh Cohen.

This is our Mallet Sheath, it comes with a single strap to be worn over a shoulder like a bag and with two webbing straps to be strapped onto an existing bag.  Colours are black and rust.  We are selling Mallet Sheaths at £25

Here it is strapped to a bag…

Here’s a little stack of Touch Pouches…

And, here are two of the three bags we have made for the UK Bike Polo Championships.  Each player of the winning team will receive a Medium Simple Sling, they can fight over which colour they have.


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Sexy Polo Beer Amigo

Sexy Polo Beer Amigo was a polo tournament in Barcalona that neither of us were able to attend.  I think I can safely say we are both pretty gutted we didn’t.  The event ran like clockwork and everyone returned amazed at how professional it was.

This is the best video coverage of a bike polo event I have ever seen.  More than one camera on the game, different perspectives, slow motion replays.  Incredible.  Congratulations Barca!

Luis Davis XL Tech

Luis Davis of Mad Bros and Appologies Accepted fame took a pic of his bag being packed up, ready for the Sexy Polo Beer tournament in Barcelona this weekend.

Nice bag, and good luck.

(“not even full”)

East Festival

Great footage from Dapper Dan of the polo tournament at East Festival.

Three Beards playing well, motivated by their Belk sponsorship no doubt.

Some great pictures from Slamm, as always.

Greif Masters 2010

Belk Bags sponsored Three Beards at the Griffin Masters in Karlsruhe last weekend.

We will also be sponsoring Zombie United after their stellar performance, finishing in 4th place.

There were four bags at the tournament, two prototype backpacks, one sling bag and one custom padded video camera bag.  We have been working very hard recently finalising our designs and working our way through our list of orders.

Oh, and congratulation to l’Equipe on another convincing victory.

Paris BFF 09

This was a great tournament that us (Netto) and 4 or 5 London teams attended.  A great weekend, with some memorable times with our host Louis in his MadBros studio and the Brits Abroad under Le Tour Eiffel.

Loaded up for the long ride to London.

Grumpy Chan.


Here’s a video made by the Barcelona guys –  Yours truly scoring at 6:39.

Thanks to everyone in Paris, and Netto for playing amazingly these past months.  I’ll miss playing with you guys, I think we shocked everyone this summer.

Tool Bags

I had Hassan, of Zombie United fame, over last night to lend a hand with cutting.

Like me, he has always been a little too obsessed with bags and has always wanted to make his own.  He has offered to come and help once a week and in return I will show him how to run the machine and what my processes are in making my stuff.

I thought we would start with a very simple pattern and construction, as an introduction into cutting patterns and sewing binding etc.  We made these tool bags, well I made these ones and he made one for himself.  They are 12 inches in width to make sure it swallows up your 15mm spanner and a tube, and 7 inches tall.  It’s the perfect size.


Hassan suggested adding on the hand loop so that when it is in the bottom of your bag it is easier to find and pull out from underneath all your other crap, great idea that I will be incorporating into all my tool bags from now on.

These will be selling for £12 at the moment as I still haven’t had my tags made and the liner is a little dirty on some of them, but that shouldn’t really be a problem as it is a tool bag, if you’re worried about having a dirty tool bag then you have other problems to deal with.

Thanks for your help Hassan!

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